descriptionA Git repository for the phpSpring project, a PHP port of ColdSpring.
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2012-07-26 AJ Michels- updated to support passing non-simple values as prope... DEVELOPMENT HotFix_1.0.1 master
2012-06-22 AJ Michels- fixing very minor php warning. Release_1.0 1.0 1.0.1
2012-06-15 AJ MichelsUpdated comments
2012-06-13 AJ Michels- re-converted file encoding as I ran into issues with...
2012-06-12 AJ Michels- fixed issue with pass by reference
2012-06-12 AJ Michels- converted encoding to UTF-8 and UNIX EOF
2012-05-21 AJ MichelsUpdated to support PHP version 5.2.17
2012-05-14 AJ MichelsUpdated README file.
2012-05-10 AJ MichelsRemoved logging statements for performance reasons.
2012-05-07 AJ MichelsAdded logging statements
2012-05-02 AJ Michelsremoved a redundancy in bean instantiation. This bug...
2012-05-02 AJ Michelsbug fixes, added documentation, optimization
2012-04-28 AJ Michelsmade sure default properties are working correctly. 2012-04-24_NewApproach
2012-04-28 AJ MichelsEverything seems to be in working order. Ready for...
2012-04-25 AJ MichelsAdded some documentation.
2012-04-25 AJ Michels- added documentation
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